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Montgomery County


Jacob C. Mattox
DOB: 1991
Charge: Burglary (Level 4 Felony)

Angel Bonilla
DOB: 1987
Charge: FTA Unlawful Possession or Use of a Legend Drug
(Level 6 Felony)

Lloyd Sexton
DOB: 1985
Charge: Strangulation (Level 6 Felony)

Jennifer R. Beke
DOB: 1991
Charge: P/V Dealing In Methamphetamine (A Felony)

Stephen Colby Kaeser
DOB: 1994
Charge: Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (Level 6 Felony)

Abby N. Lingo
DOB: 1985
Charge: Maintaining A Common Nuisance (Level 6 Felony)

Tina R. Kinirsky
DOB: 1982
Charge: Community Corrections Violations; Dealing Methamphetamine (B Felony)

Stephani C. Presnell
DOB: 1973
Charge: FTA Maintaining A Common Nuisance (Level 6 Felony)

Brett W. Hensley
DOB: 1970
Charge: P/V Dealing in Methamphetamine (A Felony)

Jose Juan Perez
DOB: 1988
Charge: Battery (Level 5 Felony)


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