911 Address Request

The ENHANCED WIRELESS 9-1-1 EMERGENCY SERVICE installed in Bates County requires that all residential and commercial structures have a property address assigned to them. Your cooperation in using the physical address assigned to you when calling 9-1-1 will ensure efficient emergency service. This will assist in avoiding delays in emergency vehicle response time. Your 9-1-1 physical address will also assist is delivery services.

The Sheriff’s Office receives a substantial amount of address creation and address verification requests, so we have decided to further organize the process of requesting an address, in order to keep up with requests. We have created an Address Request Form for Bates County residents to fill out and return to the Sheriff’s Office.

Residents are welcome to come by the Sheriff’s Office and request a form from the lobby. There is also a link on this page to the form, which may be filled out and emailed, printed and brought in to the Sheriff’s office, or mailed to the Sheriff’s Office.

Click here to download a fillable PDF Address Request Form.

If you wish to mail the form, please address the envelope as follows:

Brad Driver
c/o Bates County Sheriff’s Office
6 W Fort Scott St.
Butler, MO 64730