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Bates County Sheriff Addresses Expenditure Questions; County Commission Responds

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From the Desk of Sheriff Anderson

Today I spoke with the County Commission in reference to unpaid invoices for the Sheriff’s Office and a host of other things. I am truly upset that it has come to these types of meetings, but I will not allow another office holder to influence or obstruct the great things the Sheriff’s Office and its employees are doing for our community. I will continue to stand up for my staff and the community if I feel its whats best. You elected me to represent you in Law Enforcement matters and that is what I will do. I would prefer a commission that I can work with but will continue to work for the Citizens if I don’t have one.

One of the issues that were brought up by the Commissioner is what they believed was lack of training for volunteers but yet he wouldn’t approve the bill for the very training and equipement that WAS provided.

To be transparent I will be releasing the letters I referenced in my speech later today. I appreciate the community’s support.

Your Duly Elected Sheriff

Chad Anderson